Women Leaders in Utah – Takeaways from the Utah Women’s Summit 2015

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Women, women, everywhere…First of it’s kind in the state, I had the opportunity to attend the Utah Women’s Summit. The women who spoke were exceptional! Pictures are mediocre, but this is a post worth reading as I share some of the takeaway messages with you.

susan madsen utah women's summit 2015

The opening speaker was Susan Madsen, PhD., who founded the Utah Women & Leadership Project. Takeaway: Be a leader through authentic self-hood; discover your gifts and use them to influence your home, work place, and community.


patricia w jones utah women's summit 2015Former Senator Patricia W. Jones shared a series of thought-provoking questions, “what if…” scenarios to open our vision for how having more women run for political office could impact the discussions in our government. Takeaway: Women’s voices can be heard, and can make a difference!


Dr. Cathy Petti utah women's summit 2015I was incredibly inspired by the stories of Dr. Cathy Petti. (Here’s a recent article about her in Fortune).  Someday, I’ll take her to lunch, so I can again hear first-hand of the many twists and turns her career has taken as she has been a leader in both public and private sector medicine. The mantra she shared has given me courage to go after my career goals, and to try new things. Takeaway (and mantra): “Embrace uncertainty“.


angela martindale utah women's summit 2015When it comes to inward peace and personal strength, Angela Martindale doesn’t just talk the talk, she walks the walk. She reminded us of the strength of the human spirit, and the importance of staying positive in the face of rejection (much like an article I wrote on LinkedIn). Takeaway: Be, do, and have positive things in your life.


nikki stone utah women's summit 2015The keynote and final speaker was Nikki Stone, an Olympian, gold medalist, aerial skier (read more about her story here) –and all that AFTER she experienced a spinal injury so bad, she couldn’t even walk! She’s now spreading the message of hope and determination around the world, dubbing it “When Turtles Fly”. So good. SO SO good! a few takeaways: Focus, focus, focus. Take care of distractions, but stay on task to accomplish your goal. You mustn’t quit. It’s when things get tough that you must not quit. Success is how high you bounce after you hit rock bottom. The brave don’t live forever, but the cautious don’t live at all. Thanks for the inspiration, Nikki!

There were other phenomenal speakers and sources of inspiration–Peggy Larsen, Deneece Huftalin, Susan Peterson–but this isjust a taste of the amazing leaders coming out of Utah. Big thanks to Utah Media Group for putting this on! Can’t wait for next year!