Winter Trench Coat

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Hot chocolate in the cupboard? Check! Poinsettias in the office? Yep! Wardrobe ready for winter? Getting there…

I bought this wine-colored trench coat for fall. It’s made of an acetone/polyester blend, meaning it’s great to keep out wind and rain, but not as warm as a wool blend. Thus, the scarf. The scarf acts as an insulator and keeps me nice and toasty. (Side note, did you notice how the patterned scarf and red coat fits the “plain, pattern, pop” technique?)

Trench coats can look a bit bulky, so look for one with a belt. The belt helps the coat look flattering and feminine.
DSC_0013One last note about coat pockets. Have you noticed that not all women’s coats even have pockets??? Yeah. I’ve bought a coat like that in the past, and will never do it again. (Probably never.) Pockets make a difference, whether I’m wearing gloves or not. Plus it’s nice to have a pocket deep enough to put keys or a card in so I’m not always having to tote a purse around. The pockets on this coat have a button for style, but actually zip close.