Tweed Suit

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Welcome to the wonderful world of tweed. Your world may never be the same.           DSC_0114

Tweed: a woolen cloth, typically of mixed flecks of color, originally produced in Scotland.  Those Scots knew a thing or two about staying warm in the wintertime. Tweed is a fantastic material for the winter air. It’s thick and warm, hangs nicely, comes in a variety of colors.

DSC_0109Yet it’s not very common in the day-to-day suit choices. Why? Tweed is woven from thick fibers, which are prone to snag, to catch on something and get pulled out of shape if you’re not careful. At work, I think tweed is a fantastic choice to add some variety to the wardrobe. It’s a classic material, and usually the suits and coats made out of tweed are well-tailored.

For a work dinner or even around the office, I  sometimes like to move away from the usual dark suit colors. How to be bold, but not overbearing? Enter this green tweed skirt suit.


It has some neutral browns and creams woven in, so as to not look too much like a shamrock. I touch it up with some pearls to compliment the classic neckline. Note, I did not try to buy green shoes. Probably couldn’t have found the exact shade of green anyway, but even if I had, that would have been far too “matchy-matchy.” I thought it best to go with a neutral color that wouldn’t draw unnecessary attention to my feet.


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