The Black Suit

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One of the most basic additions to for my working wardrobe, this black suit may have been one of my first purchases. With a white shell blouse, and patent black heels, it is the classic interviewing outfit. Even as I am further into my career, whenever I wear this outfit I get the comment, “Are you in interviewing mode?” A solid black suit can be imposing in the wrong setting. I don’t recommended this look if you’re interviewing with a tech start-up or an edgy marketing firm. You don’t want to come off as pompous. This outfit works best for law firms, investment banks, and other up-scale environments. To not appear like you’re on a power trip, wear your hair down, and maybe add a conservative pearl necklace. This will send the message you want: confident and classy.


A pearl necklace will counterbalance the intensity of the black suit. Styling your hair down also softens the look.

If the bottom hemline of the skirt falls just below the knees when standing, you won’t have to worry about revealing too much when sitting.

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