How to dress for an interview.

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what to wear to an interviewQuestion: What do I wear to my interview?

Answer: It depends.

Ugh. Seriously? I hate that answer! But…it’s true. What you wear to the interview depends on whether the dress code at the company is business formal, business casual or a catch-all category we’ll call “other”. Let’s drill down and get to some specifics about what would be appropriate to wear to an interview. Continue reading →

Shopping for your First Suit

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DSCN647122Stephanie nabbed me after church with a big problem. She had scored an important interview, but had nothing to wear! “Big Biz” would be flying her out to Washington D.C. for a two-day interview. The instructions said “business professional” for the first day and “business casual” for the second.  “I have looked everywhere, literally everywhere! And I can’t find a suit, and what the heck is business casual for an interview anyway?!” she said, ready to just give up and wear yoga pants and a sweatshirt (I feel ya, Steph, I feel ya.) We picked a night to go shopping for Stephanie’s first suit, and the experience prompted this “what you should know about shopping for your first suit” blog post.  Continue reading →