Dinner with the United Nations

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A tweed suit came in handy for this unexpected opportunity. (Also, check out this tweed suit post) I never thought I’d be at an invitation-only dinner and workshop hosted by the United Nations Foundation, but a friend of mine had a scheduling conflict and asked if I would step in for him. Sure! What could possibly go wrong? (Famous last words, right?)

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Summer Series: Casual Friday

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Especially in the summertime, I use Friday as a day to network, take prospective clients out to lunch, and there are often conferences or seminars to attend (more networking).summer business casual 2015 I wanted an outfit that was casual but not sloppy, classy without being stuffy, and could handle both the heat of summer and the blast of A/C inside. Inspired by a recent trip to Maryland, I went with a nautical theme, and voila!  Continue reading →