Summer Series: Cocktail Dress

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cocktail dress for the summer

If your grandma dressed like Jackie Kennedy, I hope you are taking advantage of her closet!  Some looks just don’t go out of style. This dress, with its vintage collar and flattering black lines, is perfect for a company dinner, wine and cheese reception, or cocktails on the patio in the summertime. Perfect, that is, so long as you are extra cautious around red wine, red pasta sauce, and BBQ ribs. (Beware of the red sauce!!!)  Continue reading →

Networking Reception

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DSC_0211It can happen after a speech, it can happen during a book-signing, it can happen during a conference or class reunion: the networking reception. Ah, the networking reception. What to wear to a networking reception?
This particular reception was one of those late afternoon affairs, too early for the sort of cocktail dress you might wear at a wine & cheese reception. Not a formal dinner, so the evening gown was out. Not located in a bar or lounge, so jeans and other comfy/casual was out. This is the type of networking reception where I was expected to shake hands, smile a lot, inform people that, yes, I was an associate with such-and-such firm, swap business cards as appropriate, but otherwise to sort of blend in and just be a presence in the room.



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