Summer Series: Office Interview

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This is a great summer outfit to wear to an interview where the position you’re interviewing for does not require a suit. When interviewing for an office job, you want to present a clean canvas so your interviewer will have no difficulty imagining you in the role. Crazy colors or patterns can be distracting. You want to be remembered for your qualifications, not as “the girl with the huge earrings / old-fashioned blouse / weird socks….”









If you’ve browsed through the malls this summer, you’ve probably noticed the abundance of creams, whites, champagnes, and the occasional pastel. Colors for this season seem to come from the same sector of the crayon box. That’s all well and good, but how to add a little zest/spunk to the outfit? Choose a bold color for your accessory (e.g. a red purse).




This outfit, which all came from Dillard’s, is light, breezy, and all business. The skirt is neutral, with a slightly woven texture, to avoid the “plain shirt, plain skirt” syndrome. I can easily swap out the purse and sunglasses to change things up._SWN1456 While I snazzy-up the outfit with a bold red purse, I’m not going overboard by wearing red shoes, red jewelry, red lipstick, and red glasses. That’s why the purse is an accent–it’s one item that offsets the rest of the outfit.

The blouse is stark white, button-down, and 3/4 sleeved. Note: the sleeves are not rolled up as some guys will do. The rolled-sleeve look has yet to be widely accepted for women outside of the cooking profession. Besides, rolled sleeves get bunchy and uncomfortable around the elbow, and who wants that?