Summer Series: Cocktail Dress

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cocktail dress for the summer

If your grandma dressed like Jackie Kennedy, I hope you are taking advantage of her closet!  Some looks just don’t go out of style. This dress, with its vintage collar and flattering black lines, is perfect for a company dinner, wine and cheese reception, or cocktails on the patio in the summertime. Perfect, that is, so long as you are extra cautious around red wine, red pasta sauce, and BBQ ribs. (Beware of the red sauce!!!) 



vintage white and black dress for summer cocktail hour





At a company dinner, it’s better to look like the First Lady (or even, “Madam President”!) than a sorority chic. If the material is 100% spandex, and hits mid-thigh, you may look ready for the club, but not a company dinner. After all, you want the senior partner to remember your intellect and humor, not your thighs. Look for a light-weight dress that will keep you cool in the heat, while still maintaining professionalism.

white and black dress red summer plaid pattern





Notice how this dress is actually loose fitting (allowing plenty of airflow for those humid and sticky nights). By adding a classy belt you can achieve a feminine waistline and not feel like you’re wearing a paper sack. Also, a red purse is a great accent piece to offset the black and white. The shoes are BCBG, and the dress was a gem I found at Dillards in the Alex Marie section. Go figure.