Summer Series: Casual Friday

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Especially in the summertime, I use Friday as a day to network, take prospective clients out to lunch, and there are often conferences or seminars to attend (more networking).summer business casual 2015 I wanted an outfit that was casual but not sloppy, classy without being stuffy, and could handle both the heat of summer and the blast of A/C inside. Inspired by a recent trip to Maryland, I went with a nautical theme, and voila! This was a great way to use my gray suit jacket. I rolled the sleeves to show the pinstriped lining. The navy trousers came from Van Heusen. They are crop pants (meaning they hit just above the ankle). The blouse is from Banana Republic and is very lightweight.

summertime 2015 business casual



Hair doesn’t have to be pulled up to look professional (although it does help with the sweat factor. Just saying.).




business casual gray blazer and navy slacks and pearlsOh, and here is a little fyi on sunglasses. Wearing sunglasses when outdoors is totally appropriate, but when talking with somebody one-on-one, take off the glasses so the person can see your eyes. This will help you connect with that person, and makes you appear more friendly. Try it! It really does make a difference. If it is so bright you can’t see for squinting, then leave the glasses on. General principal, though, remove the glasses to develop good eye contact and engage the people you are conversing with.