Summer Series: Business Casual

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Summertime! If you’re in business school or law school, summer can be stressful, and brings some unique challenges for your working wardrobe. Summer means the internship that could be the launch of your career. Summer means long days at the office and long nights at events. Summer means an on-going interview, and if you weren’t already nervous enough to start sweating, it’s also blazing hot outside!

These next few posts will be geared toward this special season, and knowing what, when, why, and how of the summer wardrobe–so let’s call it the Summer Series.DSC_0207





First, let’s talk about the fabric of summer: Cotton. It’s light, cool, and comfortable.

Both the pictured blouse and skirt are cotton blends. Except for maybe a camisole or  cardigan, most of the pieces I wear during the winter months are not made of cotton. Why? Cotton isn’t stiff enough to hold a crease or the “freshly-pressed” look of more starchy fabrics.


The tight stripes of this skirt are paired best with a solid blouse. It’s a colorful and casual look, for sure. Great for the summertime. How can you know if something like this is appropriate for your office? Watch what the more senior women in your firm are wearing to gauge whether this is an “any day” or just a “casual Friday” outfit. If there aren’t more senior women at your firm, and you’re feeling a little daring, you may try wearing it some Friday, and then see whether anybody makes comments. Bottom line, use your best judgment.