Summer Series: Business Casual (2)

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business casual summer white skirt

Seems like most of the summer outfits I wear to the office would be classified as “business casual.” This option includes several of my favorite pieces. First, the blouse. This lavender blouse came from the tiny women’s section of Brooks Brothers, and is a fitted, non-iron shirt. There is a fine box pattern to offset the plainness of the shirt itself.

Secondly, the skirt. Can a white skirt be worn to a professional office? Absolutely! At least, as the saying goes, after Summer business casual white skirtMemorial Day and before Labor Day. This skirt is from White House Black Market. Three reasons I made this purchase: (1)  the vertical seams both slenderize and cause the skirt to appear longer, (2) the skirt is actually a great length, reaching mid-knee, and (3) a slight spandex in the material makes this otherwise pencil skirt more practical for stair-climbing.

wedge shoes for workCan’t get enough of these shoes! I rarely wander through Clark’s, but that is exactly where I found these wedges. They are closed-toe, which I like for wearing around the office, but the wooden look of the wedge keeps the shoe casual. Whenever somebody asks where I got them (and every time I wear them, somebody asks!), and I say they were from Clark’s, the immediate response is “Oh? Are they comfortable?” My answer is a resounding YES. With just a 2.5″ heel height and the padded insole Clark’s is known for, I can wear these wedges all day.