Should I wear nylons or pantyhose with my suit?

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Just yesterday my cousin asked me this very question–should she wear nylons with her suit? She’s in the accounting program, interviewing with the “big 4” and going to events where the attire is “business professional.” She plans to wear a black suit or a navy suit, but should she wear nylons? What color? Here’s the simple rule to pantyhose:

For interviews and formal events, wear nylons or pantyhose that match your skin tone (aka “nude”).

For those confused by this entire post, and those male readers unacquainted with the issue, leg wear for women ranges in fabric thickness from from jeans, to jeggings, to leggings, to tights, to pantyhose, to nylons. More or less. In the winter, tights or leggings may be appropriate to wear under a dress at your office. In the summer, bare legs may be the accepted norm. For interviews and those formal events, however, the uniform expectation is to wear “nude nylons.” Not black, not navy, not striped or bejeweled. Nude. Plain nude.

Why? As with proper makeup and jewelry, nylons can show attention to detail, and help to present yourself as a polished professional. Black or navy, if they’re very sheer, can be appropriate colors in the winter time. Stripes or patterns draw attention to your legs, and are not appropriate for work. But for interviews? Nude. Plain nude. **Words of wisdom, if you are traveling for the callback interview, make sure to pack an extra pair, just in case there is a snag or run in your first pair!

Do I wear nylons or pantyhose on a daily basis? No. Did I when I interviewed? Yes. Once you land the internship or the job, then you can watch and see what the other women in your office are wearing.