Professional dress for work

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casual professional dress for workIt’s been a while since I published a purely fashion post, and even though it’s spring, this dress was too good not to share. As with other casual dresses I wear to work, and in keeping with my purpose behind this blog, I’m  here to tell you why this dress works for me at the office, at a networking reception, or a work dinner.

First off, the part you may not pay attention to is the length. But the length makes a huge difference! This dress hits right below my knees. I don’t have to worry about tugging it down whenever I sit across from a partner’s desk, and I’m certainly not concerned about flashing too much leg when I walk.

DSCN6492Then, of course, there are the style features: the collar, button, and high-waist belt. The collar is tasteful (same style as this summer cocktail dress). High enough that nothing shows when I lean forward (you know what I mean…) and neither do I need to constantly fuss or tug about covering bra straps. In fact, I don’t have to do anything with it. I just wear the dress, and go to work. No fuss. No hassle. That’s exactly what I look for in a dress to wear to work.

DSCN6478One more thing to mention, and that’s the silhouette.  My body shape is a rectangle (read about body shapes here) so a high-waist belt and the big collar are flattering on my body type, but may not be the right option for you if you’re an inverted triangle shape or a round shape. Note that although the dress is flattering to my shape (like this other casual dress) it’s not tight or drawing attention to my shape in anyway. Like I said, no fuss, no hassle. Love this dress. 




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