Pink makes it pop

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There’s nothing like pink to compliment a solid navy skirt. When I walk through a store I’m usually one to reach for the red blouse, the red sweater, the red scarf, etc., but every closet needs some variety from the red group. Pink can make any outfit pop.

Besides, certain shades of red with a navy skirt or slacks looks a little too much like the star-spangled banner. This blouse is a non-iron, Ralph Lauren, with a subtle white pinstripe. The pinstripe is hard to capture in the photos, but in person, the pattern counteracts the plainness of the skirt. Pink can be a great color to add some personality to your outfit. Be careful, though, that the pink you choose isn’t so fluorescent that it looks like a swimsuit cover._SWN1604


One last tip–100% cotton shirts are comfortable to wear, easy to clean, but are no help in times of heat and sweat. If, however, your office is a brisk 60 degrees, even in the summertime (like mine), then this blouse is a great choice.

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