Outfit for Gala Event

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What would you wear if you had the chance to attend a gala event? silver bead earrings

Pronounced both “ɡālə” or “ɡalə “, a gala is a social event, usually with dinner and entertainment. It can be a whoop-de-doo affair and an opportunity to get dolled up for a night out. So, what about when you’re invited to go to a gala event for your job??? This is what happened to me:

red lipstickTuesday night, around 6:00pm with a few more hours to put in at the office, one of the partners knocked on my door. He told me there was a big investors’ conference that week and it would kick off with a gala event Wednesday night. Am I going to attend the conference? No. The firm already had tickets for a few of the partners, and I was the most junior associate. But they knew how much I love to network, and since one of them wasn’t interested in attending the gala, I could have that ticket if I wanted. YES! But wait–the event was tomorrow nightWhat was I going to wear?!

No time for shopping, and I would be going to the gala directly from work. gray lace and satin dressI’ve been to other investors’ networking events and knew I’d already stand out as one of the few skirts in the room, if you know what I’m saying. How to dress appropriately for the occasion, but with minimum prep time? This was my dilemma. I texted some of my female mentors, and they gave great suggestions.

The result?what to wear to a gala I wore this gray lace and satin dress, with a boat-neck and bell-sleeves, matching bangle earrings, and a sheer red lipstick. I changed at work, pulling my hair up into an asymmetrical bun. Perfect! I was appropriately formal without being over-the-top bling-bling. Networking with investors and entrepreneurs couldn’t get classier.





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