Navy Interview Suit

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A navy suit was probably my best purchase for interviews. Not so high-powered as the black, nor as trendy as gray, navy is appropriate in any season and at any firm.  It took me a while to find a suit I liked. Solid navy felt a bit too much like I was wearing a uniform for the Navy. I hunted until I found a fabric that wasn’t so flat-looking.  This suit has a thread weave, which helps it not look so plain. I’m still on the hunt for the perfect navy pinstripe–which my friend in NYC swears is essential for young associates.


What about the shoes?!  My advice–stick with taupe or nude-colored shoes work when wearing a navy suit. Why?  Because they don’t draw attention. Look at the picture below, and notice where your eyes go–to the face, right? And not just the face, to the eyes. Couldn’t ask for anything better in an interview suit. You may also notice how the high collar of the white shell adds upward motion, again bringing attention to the eyes.


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