Interview with Kadee Duclos

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Not every rock star is in the spotlight. Some are behind the curtain, pulling strings to make the magic happen. Kadee Duclos is one such woman. interview with katie duclosIn my interview with the Events Director for Utah Media Group, I learned she is pulling the strings behind Salt Lake Comic Con, the Governor’s Energy Summit, the Utah Global Forum, and many other conferences and events. She told me she already has 19 events planned for 2016. That’s incredible! Her latest brain child was Utah Women’s Summit, a forum to help women network and re-enter the professional world. I attended the summit and was incredibly impressed by the caliber of women I met. (You can read my takeaways from the event here.)

Networking, planning, organizing, running a team, working your tail off–Kadee’s career path has taught her all this and more. She went from entry-level to boss in just a few years. How did she do it?

“When you graduate from school, you feel like you know everything. But you don’t. You absolutely suck at everything in the professional world, and you have to be open to learning again.”

katie duclos utah media groupIn a nutshell, that’s how Kadee has approached her career. She worked hard on every assignment, accepted more challenging assignments, and soon became the boss. As a boss, her greatest challenge is finding people who will dig in and work hard, even if the tasks seem menial. There are many checklist items that have to get done to put on an event (and with 19 upcoming events, you can imagine that list goes on for miles!), and most of them won’t get you the spotlight on center stage. Kadee doesn’t care about getting the credit, she cares about getting the job done and making a difference. Being behind the scenes, working like crazy, she has made a difference for hundreds of people. I learned a lot from my brief time with Kadee, and look forward to seeing what she comes up with next!