Interview with Beatryx Washington

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BeaW and meBeatryx Washington is one of the strongest women of my acquaintance. She exemplifies kindness and professionalism, and has a work ethic that would leave even the energizer bunny in the dust. Currently, she is the Senior Vice President of Legal Affairs and Corporate Secretary at LifeVantage Corporation–a nutraceutical company. Before that, she was Senior Legal Counsel with EnergySolutions–a company that disposes of nuclear waste. And before that, she worked for GKN Aerospace–in the aviation and aerospace industry. Needless to say, her legal career has been diverse and challenging!

During my interview with Beatryx, I was impressed by her ability to adapt to new industries and to hire an excellent team. I asked her what potential job candidates could do to make a positive impression. Her reply–(1) a well-edited resume, (2) dressed appropriately, and (3) a thank you note.

What makes a resume stand out? Aside from the basics of resume content, and the formatting expectations we’ve discussed before, Beatryx pointed out that the details of a resume tell her quickly whether or not a job applicant has potential. BeaW working 2If a one-page resume has typos, formatting inconsistencies, or dates that don’t make sense, what mistakes could that person make in a 50-page contract? When a job description says they need somebody “detail-oriented” they mean it! Your resume is the first place to show it.

Dress appropriately for the interview. Not every job will require a suit, but an interview is supposed to be your best impression. Whether it’s a traditional navy suit, or a classy tweed, the attire for a professional interview is as business formal as it gets. Beatryx pointed out, too, that you should bring your most current resume to the interview with you. Don’t assume that your interviewer has printed and read it. Plus, it will help jog your memory when you’re nervous (and who doesn’t get a little nervous in interviews?) if you can see all of your experiences right there in front of you. This has happened to me! I’ve had interviewers ask me if I’ve got a copy of my resume with me, and Beatryx said it goes back to the detail-oriented idea. Carrying a copy of your resume shows your preparation and attention to details.

BeaW workingRemember to thank the interviewer. Sending a thank-you note (whether by card or email) is not a common practice among the younger recruits, but that’s exactly why it makes you stand out in a positive light. Beatryx said that when a candidate sends a thank-you note (especially if it includes something that was discussed during the interview) it shows her the person is gracious, appreciates her time, and was paying attention during the interview. It shows you have follow-up ability. The thank-you note keeps that candidate on her radar for future opportunities.

And so, to take my own advice, I’m sending a thank-you note Beatryx, and the folks at LifeVantage, for sharing her time and knowledge with me. 🙂

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