How to fold a shirt

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How to fold a shirt


A long-sleeved button-up collared shirt belongs on a hanger, not in a drawer; but what about when you have to fold it up for packing in a suitcase? (Or upon any other occasion when such a shirt is to be folded.) How exactly do the store clerks fold shirts so nicely? Well, I had a clerk teach me, and now I’m teaching you. Video would be cool, but if you’re like me and need to look at the image and compare and redo a few times, a video would go way too fast. So, in step-by-step pictured layout, I present “How to fold a shirt”:


Step 1:

How to fold a shirt 2How to fold a shirt 1



(This is actually the best       kept secret) Button the shirt.

(What?! Yes! Button the shirt.) Then, lay it, button-side down, on a flatsurface.


Step 2:

How to fold a shirt 3

How to fold a shirt 5


Fold over 1/3 of the shirt, basically a line from the edge of the collar to the bottom.

Fold the sleeve back down on itself, along the shoulder seam. The buttons on the cuff should be facing up.



Step 3:

How to fold a shirt 7

How to fold a shirt 6



Repeat with the other side.

Fold 1/3 of the shirt over, then lay the sleeve back down.



Step 4:

How to fold a shirt 8

How to fold a shirt 9



Fold the shirt in half. It should look like this:




Step 5:

How to fold a shirt 10How to fold a shirt 11


Turn the shirt over. (Wowza! Look at what you just did!) If you have space, you can just pack the shirt as is, or (Step 7) fold the shirt in half one more time for an even small bundle of perfectly-packable goodness. Ta-daa!