How to Buy Clothes for your Body Type

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gray lace and satin dressHave you ever tried on a dress in the store that looks better on the hanger than it does on you? Happened to me just last week. I picked up a darling skirt to try on (ok…multiple prints of the same skirt, because it was absolutely darling, and I was sure I’d buy at least one). Nice fabric, nice silhouette, nice length, nice detailing, and then I tried it on, and… BAH HA hahaha!!!!

I literally burst out loud laughing, right there, by myself in the dressing room. I looked ridiculous! Absolutely silly! Just for kicks, I put on another one. Same effect. This lace dress looked great on me, but the skirts did not. Why? Well, I had been so excited by finding a darling skirt that I’d forgotten one of the most fundamental rules for buying clothes: BUY FOR YOUR BODY TYPE .

Whether classified as shapes, or fruits, or by numbers, women have different body types, and not all fashion trends look good on all types. Whether you are a size 2 or a 12, whether you weigh 90 or 190 lbs, when you know your body type, you can make you can make fashion choices that will be most flattering on you. Could I still purchase that skirt even though the style is not flattering for my body type? Well, of course! Would I feel more confident in a skirt that complimented my body type? Well, of course! And since confidence is key, I’ve spent some time scouring the internet for helpful resources in determining your body type and what styles will be most flattering. Provided below for your convenience. You’re welcome. 🙂

Know your body shape. Maybe this is intuitive (i.e., I’m flat as a board in the font and the back, and have no curves anywhere = “Straight” or “Rectangle”). When was the last time you actually took measurements with a tape measure? Not a bad idea, especially since body types can change over time. Once you’ve got the numbers, plug them into this calculator. (apologies for the obnoxious ads on the site, but the calculator is pretty helpful). If tape measures make you nervous, you can read descriptions at this site or  at this site.     **Men, here’s one designed specifically for you (Men’s body types).

Shop your body shape. Once you know your shape, you can read the fashion suggestions on this site, on this blog, or on this other blog. Some stores have tried to tailor the online shopping experience to certain body types–thank you, Nordstrom’sDavids Bridal, PromGirlZappos, and Avenue. Personally, I liked the Zappos experience best.  **Men, you can check out Brooks BrothersHugh and Crye, or Ralph Lauren for shirts.



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