Gray Pinstripe Interview Suit

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If you don’t own one already, allow me to introduce one of the most versatile suits on the rack–gray pinstripe. For interviews, a black skirt suit and navy skirt suit are probably the most common. They express confidence and power, important attributes when interviewing with a multi-national firm. By contrast, a light, heather-gray suit may not seem as commanding or impressive as its darker counterparts. 

But, not every firm is power-tripping, or formal enough to require a suit jacket in the daily dress gray pinstripe interview suitcode. For interviews with these firms, you still want to look professional, but not come across as pompous. When I began interviewing in a mid-sized market, I found that many of my interviewers didn’t even wear their suit coats. I acquired this gray pinstripe suit and felt appropriately dressed for the formality of the occasion. To dress it up, I pulled my hair into a low bun, wore pearl stud earrings, and a white collared shirt. Little details like that can make the gray pinstripe suit work well for interviews.

gray suit and blouse combination ideasIt’s also a great addition to the closet for everyday wear around the office. If the pinstripes are thin enough, just about any blouse will go with it. Gray isn’t limited to any particular season or geography. As I said before, it’s an extremely versatile suit. This particular suit is by Calvin Klein.


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