The Secret to Dressing Yourself Like a Model

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IMG_4069We’ve all seen outfits displayed on models or mannequins and thought “Wow, she looks so put together!” I’m about to teach you the one secret to putting an outfit together that will forever change how you look at your closet, so people will say the same thing about you. Are you ready? It’s just three words:

 Plain. Pattern. Pop.

When you are grabbing different pieces from your closet, wanting to wear things in a new way, think about wearing something plain, something with a pattern, and adding a little “pop”. Sounds simple, and it is!  Take this outfit I wore for casual Friday. Plain navy slacks, ombre-striped sweater, with a pink “pop” cami.


Fall is fantastic because there are so many ways to layer. This bold sweater from Van Heusen for Women adds variety to the otherwise plain and conservative cardigans in my closet. Nice for a casual Friday at the office. Not the sort of thing to wear for an interview.

red purse for the summerIf you’re trying to put together an outfit for a “business casual” interview, you might go for a classier look, like this outfit. See how it still follows the plain/pattern/pop principle? A tasteful purse can be a great accent piece.



Another “business casual” setting, like a wine and cheese reception, or after-hours event, can also take advantage of the plain/pattern/pop idea like this outfit. Notice how this time the purse is plain, the skirt is pattern, and the pink blouse is the pop. (In case you haven’t caught on yet, pink usually pops!). Of course, not every dress or every outfit must be plain/pattern/pop to look put together, but if you’re mixing and matching from what’s already in your closet, it’s a proven principal to helping you dress like that model or mannequin we all to put together an outfit when I have nothing in my closet to wear