Summer Series: Cocktail Dress

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cocktail dress for the summer

If your grandma dressed like Jackie Kennedy, I hope you are taking advantage of her closet!  Some looks just don’t go out of style. This dress, with its vintage collar and flattering black lines, is perfect for a company dinner, wine and cheese reception, or cocktails on the patio in the summertime. Perfect, that is, so long as you are extra cautious around red wine, red pasta sauce, and BBQ ribs. (Beware of the red sauce!!!)  Continue reading →


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_SWN1513The Female Professional is dedicated to helping young women rise to the top of their respective careers. Transitioning from the classroom to the office usually means a shift in wardrobe. I experienced this shift myself, and wanted to help other women have a head-start on the learning curve. This site is an on-going project to present the what and why of fashion in the workplace. While this blog may be a work in progress, I am excited to get started and get the discussion going. Your wardrobe will be different than mine, and should reflect your personality and profession. The goal is to set out basic guidelines to make professional fashion easy to understand. Read My Standard to see what I’m looking for in my work wardrobe. Whether you are getting ready for an interview, have a company dinner coming up, or just want some ideas for what to wear around the office, this blog is designed to be a resource. Please feel free to share comments and swap ideas.