How to dress for an interview.

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what to wear to an interviewQuestion: What do I wear to my interview?

Answer: It depends.

Ugh. Seriously? I hate that answer! But…it’s true. What you wear to the interview depends on whether the dress code at the company is business formal, business casual or a catch-all category we’ll call “other”. Let’s drill down and get to some specifics about what would be appropriate to wear to an interview. Continue reading →

Two questions you should be asking in an interview

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_SWN1569It seems almost silly, doesn’t it? You’ve just spent 20 min. with this person, and the allotted time for your interview is done. The next candidate is waiting outside the door. And it’s NOW that the interviewer asks “Do you have any questions for me?” What? if I say yes, is the interviewer going to say “Too bad, sucker! You’re out of time!” But, if I say no, is that going to come across like I haven’t prepared? Ok, ok, this prompts a personal story that I’ll share, and then we’ll get to the questions you should be asking in an interview.   Continue reading →

Shopping for your First Suit

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DSCN647122Stephanie nabbed me after church with a big problem. She had scored an important interview, but had nothing to wear! “Big Biz” would be flying her out to Washington D.C. for a two-day interview. The instructions said “business professional” for the first day and “business casual” for the second.  “I have looked everywhere, literally everywhere! And I can’t find a suit, and what the heck is business casual for an interview anyway?!” she said, ready to just give up and wear yoga pants and a sweatshirt (I feel ya, Steph, I feel ya.) We picked a night to go shopping for Stephanie’s first suit, and the experience prompted this “what you should know about shopping for your first suit” blog post.  Continue reading →

Booth talk, small talk, and how to start a conversation.

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IMG_6460Something about the idea of making “small talk” makes me want to vomit. It feels fake and artificial. So how do you start a conversation with complete strangers in a business setting? This is a valuable skill, that I’ve used over and over again. Whether it’s at a career fair, or at some sort of networking reception,  the art of making brief conversations with strangers in a way that leaves a positive impression doesn’t come naturally to many people.  It will take some practice, but here are some ideas to get your conversation going in the right direction–


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How to prepare for a career fair

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DSC_0109Daunting, crowded, borderline chaos–I’m talking about career fairs. Most universities will host several career fairs throughout the year, often tailored to a specific field of interest. Without a good strategy, a career fair could be a fruitless waste of time. But…if you work it right, it’s an easy opportunity to network and establish a relationship with somebody inside the company. The companies who register are already interested in you! To create a winning game plan strategy,  here are some crucial questions you should ask yourself in preparation: Continue reading →

Interview with Beatryx Washington

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BeaW and meBeatryx Washington is one of the strongest women of my acquaintance. She exemplifies kindness and professionalism, and has a work ethic that would leave even the energizer bunny in the dust. Currently, she is the Senior Vice President of Legal Affairs and Corporate Secretary at LifeVantage Corporation–a nutraceutical company. Before that, she was Senior Legal Counsel with EnergySolutions–a company that disposes of nuclear waste. And before that, she worked for GKN Aerospace–in the aviation and aerospace industry. Needless to say, her legal career has been diverse and challenging! Continue reading →

Your resume is ugly, but we can fix it.

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IMG_2208If we were best friends, and you tried on a hideous dress that was totally wrong for your body shape, you’d want me to be honest about it, right? So, as a virtual friend who has your best interests at heart, let me be honest–your resume is ugly. Don’t be offended, most resumes are hideous to look at. Good news is, we can fix it. I’ve talked with recruiters and hiring managers at some of the top firms to get the inside scoop on content and formatting for resumes. Last week we covered content. Now let’s talk about why your resume is ugly, and how to fix it. Continue reading →