Thinking about grad school? Meet Malia Anderson, Ph.D.

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IMG_4697Recently, I had an interview with this fantastic woman–Malia Anderson.  In just a couple months, she will have the initials Ph.D. after her name. Malia is completing a doctoral degree in neuroscience, researching cognitive and memory development of the brain. (Something wicked smart like that.) Smarts isn’t what gets you through a graduate program, Malia said, it’s commitment.  I asked what advice she had for people thinking about grad school, and this is what she said: Continue reading →

Interview with Gretchen McClain: rocket scientist, CEO, and role model

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Gretchen McClain SLC Salt Lake City UtahKeep in touch with people. Step up to challenging opportunities. Leadership is about teamwork. These are just a few of the takeaways from my conversation with an amazing woman, Gretchen McClain. Currently a Director of three publicly-traded companies, (Booz Allen Hamilton Holding Corporation, AMETEK, Inc., and Con-way Inc.), Gretchen has been a VP at Honeywell, Senior VP at ITT, and the CEO of Xylem. Oh, and did I mention that she basically built the International Space Station for NASA? Yeah. Basically.  (This is where you ask “How did you get to have lunch with this woman???” and I say, “I don’t know! I got super lucky!!!”) Continue reading →

The Secret to Dressing Yourself Like a Model

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IMG_4069We’ve all seen outfits displayed on models or mannequins and thought “Wow, she looks so put together!” I’m about to teach you the one secret to putting an outfit together that will forever change how you look at your closet, so people will say the same thing about you. Are you ready? It’s just three words: Continue reading →

Summer Series: Casual Friday

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Especially in the summertime, I use Friday as a day to network, take prospective clients out to lunch, and there are often conferences or seminars to attend (more networking).summer business casual 2015 I wanted an outfit that was casual but not sloppy, classy without being stuffy, and could handle both the heat of summer and the blast of A/C inside. Inspired by a recent trip to Maryland, I went with a nautical theme, and voila!  Continue reading →

Summer Series: Business Casual

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Summertime! If you’re in business school or law school, summer can be stressful, and brings some unique challenges for your working wardrobe. Summer means the internship that could be the launch of your career. Summer means long days at the office and long nights at events. Summer means an on-going interview, and if you weren’t already nervous enough to start sweating, it’s also blazing hot outside!

These next few posts will be geared toward this special season, and knowing what, when, why, and how of the summer wardrobe–so let’s call it the Summer Series. Continue reading →