Your resume is ugly, but we can fix it.

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IMG_2208If we were best friends, and you tried on a hideous dress that was totally wrong for your body shape, you’d want me to be honest about it, right? So, as a virtual friend who has your best interests at heart, let me be honest–your resume is ugly. Don’t be offended, most resumes are hideous to look at. Good news is, we can fix it. I’ve talked with recruiters and hiring managers at some of the top firms to get the inside scoop on content and formatting for resumes. Last week we covered content. Now let’s talk about why your resume is ugly, and how to fix it. Continue reading →

How to Write a Resume: Content

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resume is like a window display at a bakeryPassing by the bakery, looking for something to eat, I glanced at the window display and was instantly interested. Hello? Look at those cinnamon rolls! (enlarged below for your viewing pleasure) How could I not be drawn in?! Your resume is like a window display. The interviewer at your potential dream job will give your resume a glance–one glance–and they will either be drawn in to read more, and then interested enough to call you for an interview, or they move on to the next applicant. Believe me, having been on the hiring side of this process, that’s about how it goes. Here are some guidelines for the content of your resume that will make it more delicious on the eye….or something like that… Continue reading →

How to make a bad day better

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lunchtime professional interview attire Sometimes, like a tidal wave of deadlines and due dates, you can see a bad day coming. Sometimes, one bad “surprise” can ruin the entire day. While bad days (or months…) may happen, we are not completely at the mercy of fate. If, like me, you’ve dealt with anxiety and depression, you know that having a strategy for coping with the unexpected downturns in life can make the world of
difference. So! Here are three options I use regularly to mitigate the bad days, or at least help the bad days to end a little better.  Continue reading →

The Secret to Dressing Yourself Like a Model

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IMG_4069We’ve all seen outfits displayed on models or mannequins and thought “Wow, she looks so put together!” I’m about to teach you the one secret to putting an outfit together that will forever change how you look at your closet, so people will say the same thing about you. Are you ready? It’s just three words: Continue reading →

How to Buy Clothes for your Body Type

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gray lace and satin dressHave you ever tried on a dress in the store that looks better on the hanger than it does on you? Happened to me just last week. I picked up a darling skirt to try on (ok…multiple prints of the same skirt, because it was absolutely darling, and I was sure I’d buy at least one). Nice fabric, nice silhouette, nice length, nice detailing, and then I tried it on, and… BAH HA hahaha!!!! Continue reading →

Summer Series: Casual Friday

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Especially in the summertime, I use Friday as a day to network, take prospective clients out to lunch, and there are often conferences or seminars to attend (more networking).summer business casual 2015 I wanted an outfit that was casual but not sloppy, classy without being stuffy, and could handle both the heat of summer and the blast of A/C inside. Inspired by a recent trip to Maryland, I went with a nautical theme, and voila!  Continue reading →

Summer Series: Office Interview

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This is a great summer outfit to wear to an interview where the position you’re interviewing for does not require a suit. When interviewing for an office job, you want to present a clean canvas so your interviewer will have no difficulty imagining you in the role. Crazy colors or patterns can be distracting. You want to be remembered for your qualifications, not as “the girl with the huge earrings / old-fashioned blouse / weird socks….”



Continue reading →

Summer Series: Business Casual (2)

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business casual summer white skirt

Seems like most of the summer outfits I wear to the office would be classified as “business casual.” This option includes several of my favorite pieces. First, the blouse. This lavender blouse came from the tiny women’s section of Brooks Brothers, and is a fitted, non-iron shirt. There is a fine box pattern to offset the plainness of the shirt itself. Continue reading →

Summer Series: Business Casual

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Summertime! If you’re in business school or law school, summer can be stressful, and brings some unique challenges for your working wardrobe. Summer means the internship that could be the launch of your career. Summer means long days at the office and long nights at events. Summer means an on-going interview, and if you weren’t already nervous enough to start sweating, it’s also blazing hot outside!

These next few posts will be geared toward this special season, and knowing what, when, why, and how of the summer wardrobe–so let’s call it the Summer Series. Continue reading →