Casual Friday Outfit

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What should I wear to work on a “casual Friday?” DSC_0087

My last office was always formal professional dress. I wore a suit to work everyday and all day. This new firm, however, has a casual dress code for Fridays. They said if I wore a suit on a Friday, people might throw raw vegetables at me. As much as I like salad, I thought it best to go with the casual flow, and avoid the vegetables. Still, I was the new kid on the block, working to build my reputation. How could I dress casual without appearing too casual? This is the outfit I ended up wearing.

DSC_0091(And now I will allow my crazy, hyper-analytic side to shine through, and break down the outfit so you can understand what I did and whether it would be appropriate for your casual Friday).

First, let’s talk about material. The slacks are a polyester blend, light gray, and tailored for a close fit. The shirt is a long-sleeve cotton. These aren’t the type of clothes that increase my dry-cleaning bill, if you get what I mean. (I think the shirt was $15 at Maurices, and the slacks were on sale at Banana Republic).

DSC_0085The scarf is what really jazzes up the outfit.  There is a metallic weave that catches the eye and adds a lot of interest to an otherwise plain look.   I stayed with the conservative colors of gray and black, and nothing too hipster or too fashion-forward. Maybe I’ll get more daring after I establish my credibility around the office. For now, during these few introductory DSC_0089months at least, I feel confident that this casual Friday look will project the professional image I’m going for.

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