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what to wear to work in the summertimeIf you scanned my resume, this is what you would see. I grew up on a farm, worked my way through college, worked my way through law school, and now I’m working my way through life as a corporate attorney.  I do venture capital work and some commercial contract review. Ha! Pretty crazy, right? Most of my life, I didn’t even know what that meant, and now I do it on a daily basis. Hard work and ambition, and lots of trial and error–that’s how I got here. You should know I went to a top-ranked law school, because when I say I went through the grad school interview season, I mean I really went through it! There are many insider tips and systems knowledge I’ve gained from the last several years as I’ve grown into my profession. I am excited to have a “fashion, career, and lifestyle” blog so I can share from my experiences and help you, the reader, to achieve your highest potential

pink button-down shirt with navy skirt business casual
This didn’t start out as a fashion blog.
 I mentor students in a leadership program at a local university. For our meetings, I suggested we dress in business casual. The five students, all women, agreed. “Do you know what I mean by business casual?” I asked. Blank stares. They planned to look it up online. Problem is, there was no online resource I could point them towards to say the what, why, and how of an age-appropriate wardrobe for women in the professional community. Fed up with the overly trendy, super-sexy, too pricey examples, I decided to take on the challenge of creating the resource myself. Over the course of a few months, I found my site among the fashion bloggers, but as most people will tell you, this is not like any other fashion blog out there.

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